Party Location

The party will be held at the Hive5 Coworking space in Brussels, located on the 2nd floor in the Securex building.

The Hive5 venue offers

  • Plenty of room
  • A sweet video and audio setup
  • Some chill-out areas
  • A properly equipped bar
  • WiFi for everyone (Note : Due to the nature of the venue, we cannot offer wired network. All network will be wireless / mobile.)


Securex building - 2nd floor, Cours Saint Michel 30B, 1040 Brussels

Google maps link

Sleeping Accommodations

Important to know is that we have to leave the building at night so you can not sleep at the party location, various reasons are there but in general its an office building and the building has to be clear when the reception desk closes.

The party-place will be open on :

Friday January 10th - 7pm to 11pm

Saturday January 11th - 10am to 11pm

Brussels has a lot of available hotels, hostels and airbnb setups nearby and further out so you should be able to find something within budget.

How to get there

Public Transport : The best way to reach the party-place is by public transport. The closest public transport stop is Merode which is connected to MIVB/STIB bus and tram-lines 27, 61 and 80 plus metro-lines 1 and 5. You can also use the nearby NMBS/SNCB railway station of the same name.

MIVB/STIB Trip Planner

NMBS/SNCB Merode Info Page

Car : Street parking is available in the streets around the venue by using parking meters. You can pay for parking at the meter across the street or use your phone, you can already set up an account for this at (this site does not seem available in English at the moment)

Please be aware that Brussels has a "Low Emissions Zone" where older, more polluting, cars may be denied access or have to pay for access. If you come by car and you wonder if your car is still allowed in the "LEZ" and under which conditions, check the website and more specifically . The TL/DR is that for 2020 diesel of Euro category 3 and lower plus petrol cars of Euro 1 are NOT allowed. Should this be the case for your vehicle, please go to the websites listed above and work it out :)

Brussels also has a wide range of Taxi and Uber services to get around should you need them.