Party Location

The party will be held at Cafe Sport in Leuven. The party room is in the back down some stairs.

Cafe Sport offers

  • Plenty of room
  • A sweet video and audio setup
  • Some chill-out areas
  • A properly equipped bar and bistro (and we mean PROPERLY)
  • WiFi for everyone (Note : Due to the nature of the venue, we cannot offer wired network. All network will be wireless / mobile.)


Martelarenplein 13, 3000 Leuven

Google maps link

Sleeping Accommodations

Important to know is that you can not sleep at the party location, Do not worry, there are plenty of hotels in both walking and crawling distance.

The party-place will be open on :

Friday January 5th- 5pm to 4am (closing of Cafe Sport)

Saturday January 6th - 3pm to 3am (closing of Cafe Sport)

Leuven has a lot of available hotels, hostels and airbnb setups nearby and further out so you should be able to find something within budget.

How to get there

Public Transport : The best way to reach the party-place is by public transport. The trainstation of Leuven is accross the street, literally. You can reach Leuven easily from Brussels, Liege and Antwerpen should you come by ICE / Eurostar / Thalys.

NMBS/SNCB Leuven Station Info Page

Airplane : Brussels Airport has a direct train connection to Leuven. The train station is across the street of the party place.

If budget airlines are your thing, there is a new bus/train connection you can use from Charleroi Brussels South Airport. Take the bus to Fleurus, where you will find a direct train to Leuven.

Car : Parking De Bond is right in front of the party venue. Should this be full due to an event, there are plenty of other parking garages nearby. Street parking is NOT an option.

Parking De Bond

Other public parkings in Leuven, of which Parking Ladeuze and P1 Parking Station are the closest alternative. Try to avoid Parking Kinepolis and Parking Diestsestraat.

Please be aware that crossing the Martelarenplein by car will result in an automatic ticket ("Gas-Boete"). In 2021 that camera alone brought in 1,65 million euros - don't be one of those ! Otherwise Leuven has no "Low Emissions Zone" or LEZ's where older, more polluting, cars may be denied access or have to pay for access.

Leuven also has a decent range of Taxi services. Uber and comparable services are not available.